How to Change a Mazda MX5 Battery

The Mazda MX5 is a fantastic car, but, like all vehicles, it requires maintenance. One way to save money is to do some of the essential maintenance work yourself and one task which will inevitably arise is the replacement of the car battery. The following is a guide to changing the Mazda MX5′s battery.


Choosing Your New Battery

Batteries for this model car have to have a connection for a vent tube due to the awkward placement of the battery. Lead-acid car batteries emit fumes (hydrogen) when being charged and the vent tube helps to safely remove those dangerous, flammable fumes from the car. Make certain that you get yourself the right battery for your MX5 from a reputable battery dealer like That way you can be certain that the battery is right for your car.

Preparing Your Car and Finding the Battery

Before the battery can be replaced, the car needs to be in park with the engine off. If the Mazda MX5 has a manual transmission, make sure it is in first gear. Turn on the emergency brake.

The first step to changing the Mazda MX5′s battery is finding it. While instincts would suggest popping the hood, that is not where it is housed. Instead, the Mazda MX5′s battery is in the trunk of the car. It is on the right side and underneath the removable upholstery trunk liner.


Removing the Old Battery

Before the Mazda MX5′s battery is removed, it is a wise idea to find and use a pair of acid resistant gloves; all batteries contain acid, and an older battery may have acid leakage.

To remove the battery, first remove the battery hold-down bracket using a 3/8 inch ratchet and metric socket. Disconnect the vent tube by pulling it off the battery. Use a battery terminal wrench to loosen the negative battery terminal clamp. The negative terminal is colored black. The positive battery terminal clamp is then removed; this is colored red. Take out the battery and sit it aside.

Preparing to Install the New Battery

Before installing your Mazda MX5′s new battery, it is a good idea to prep the battery terminal leads. Use battery terminal cleaner to wash the area where the terminal leads will come into contact with the new battery. If there is a great deal of build up, feel free to use a wire brush or steel wool pad to clean the terminal leads.

Installing the New Battery

The new battery can be placed in the old battery’s spot. Connect the vent tube, then connect the black negative battery terminal clamp to the negative terminal. Connect the red positive battery terminal clamp to the positive terminal. Put the battery hold-down bracket in place and secure it with the ratchet and socket. Place the upholstery trunk line back over the battery. Close the trunk and start the engine to make sure the battery is in working order.

Disposing of Your Old Battery

Typically, the automotive store at which the new battery is purchased will dispose of the old battery for the customer. If this is not the case, the battery may be taken to a recycling center or hazardous waste facility. Some AAA offices have battery drop off locations as well.


Regular maintenance of the Mazda MX5 is instrumental in prolonging the vehicle’s lifespan. Changing the battery may take some time, but is a task that any owner can complete.

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